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OMG--I just read the funniest thing........

From lickacricket

I bet if you squeezed Orlando's nipples, he'd squeal like a girl.

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO true and SO priceless!!!!!!!!!!

Found here:

And thanks to everyone who has sent me such pretty cards and goodies:

sirenslilly, sibelle_art, hammil77, maubast, grey853, mirkwoodelfchic. (The cards are in the other room on the tv and I'm on hold on the phone, so if I've missed anyone--humble apologies)

Edit: Thought I'd better be specific so I added...
I love the beautiful art, totally cool LotR cd cards, the beautiful crystal christmas ornament ( I love stars the best), the full-color and drool-worthy Haven Japanese program, the awesomely cool Haven CD, Haven DVD (to come--just not soon enough!), the tasty Captain Jack thermal mug and... Gah--I know I'm forgetting something, but I know I love it! (I'm operating on 3 1/2 hours sleep here). And thanks to roommie for the *awesome* ipod vid! "Elizabethtown"--right in the palm of my hand!!!!!! *runs off to convert KoH*


Edit #2: And special thanks to peppervl for the beautiful pictures frames that now caress the loveliest of all--Orlando. Specifically, the autographed pics he signed for me when I met him. *squishes*

Now if she'd just send me naked Orlando.... ;)
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