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One of the "substitute people"
Can I substitute for Kirsten?
First, thanks to jenlynn820 for dealing with the comms whilst I've been coughing up a lung. *hugs*

And before I forget, since my brain is half-baked, thank you to everyone else who wished my happy birthday! You guys mean the world to me! *hugs*

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Call me depressed. Yes, I've been through a fandom "mass exodus" before and I'm quite used to them. That's not to say they still don't hurt, especially if I'm not following.

I realize people change as do their interests--it's human nature. But it still leaves me feeling like I'm standing alone and watching as people move farther away from me--all of them congregating into one new fandom. Maybe it's because this time, I have absolutely zero interest in moving in their new fandom direction. Maybe it's because I'm sick. Maybe it's because I'm another year older and maybe it's just because I've not had a good night's sleep in days. Maybe I need chocolate. Whatever the reason, someone I feel very close to moving in another direction and with me not following, makes me feel as though something is on the road to ending. And I really, *really* don't want that.

Of course I still want everyone to still love Viggo and Orlando! But realistically, I know that's not possible. It's just so frustrating to me to see so *many* people moving in the *same* direction and leaving V/O. Just call me sad. And frustrated.

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charly2004 From: charly2004 Date: January 31st, 2007 10:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
Not moving, definitely not (well except to bed now ;)

but I know you know I know exactly what you`re talking about.
Just wanted to let you know I`m here and I`m here to stay
araestel From: araestel Date: January 31st, 2007 11:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
Bed is good! So is the new recliner roommie purchased. ;)

It's just so sad to lose people i feel are so important to the fandom. :( And I don't want to lose any friends. Everyone means so much to me.

Glad you're staying! *hugs*
jack4will From: jack4will Date: January 31st, 2007 10:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
*huggles hard* Love you girlfriend and I hope you feel better soon.
araestel From: araestel Date: January 31st, 2007 11:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks honey! *hugs*
From: harukameko Date: January 31st, 2007 10:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
*hugs hard* I know how difficult it is watching your friends move from one fandom to another. With Creation cancelling ELF, for example, is just an example of that. I'm still sticking with the LOTR fandom even though I'm also in the process of completing my own novel. Feel better soon!!!
araestel From: araestel Date: January 31st, 2007 11:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
Change is hard, no matter the reason. *hugs* I just don't want to lose a friend in the process.
hammil77 From: hammil77 Date: January 31st, 2007 11:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
I feel your frustration, believe me. It's incredibly upsetting but I guess as long as there are still some people sticking it out and trying to make it worthwhile, it's better than no one at all.

I hope you start feeling better soon, too.

araestel From: araestel Date: January 31st, 2007 11:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
*hugs* I'm getting better, it's just slow.
mesnica From: mesnica Date: January 31st, 2007 11:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
*huggles you*

I'm staying here, not moving a muscle into any other direction :)
araestel From: araestel Date: January 31st, 2007 11:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
*hugs* Glad you're staying!
claudia603 From: claudia603 Date: January 31st, 2007 11:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm a Frodo fandom for life girl. **hugs you**

I hope you feel better sooooon!
araestel From: araestel Date: January 31st, 2007 11:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
Somehow I just knew that about you. ;) *hugs*
From: galor5 Date: January 31st, 2007 11:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm not going anywhere. Although I came into the fandom craze alot later than many, I still am in love with Vigorli and many other pairings and have no intention of going anywhere else.

If you need reinforcements, join the adult_viggo Yahoo group.. it's definitely alive and kicking with all the Vigorli love!


Get better soon!!
araestel From: araestel Date: February 1st, 2007 12:05 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks honey! I'm glad you're staying. I'd be happy is *everyone* stayed forever! LOL But I know that's unrealistic. Doesn't keep me from not *wanting* it. ;)
dpitman From: dpitman Date: January 31st, 2007 11:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
I can certainly understand how you feel, sweetie. I wish I could send you lots of chocolate and Viggo to help you to get to feeling better!
I am SO sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday! I try to keep an eye on my home page so I dont forget birthdays but alot of the time I do! Well, I am wishing you lots of love and happiness througout the whole year! So see, just because its a late wish, its good for a very long time! lol!
sending love and a really big hug!
araestel From: araestel Date: February 1st, 2007 12:06 am (UTC) (Link)
It's okay honey!!! *hugs* You're too sweet!!
peppervl From: peppervl Date: January 31st, 2007 11:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Okay, well, this is where I'm clueless, because aside from when they post stories or comment on something I write, I have very little idea who is/was in fandom and where they are/are going. The one advantage of not ever getting close to anyone is not missing them when they leave, I suppose.

However, I am not going anywhere. After all, I still have to write 100,270 words to reach my goal this year. I bet you could persuade me to make a fair number of them viggorli. *winks*

I'll bring you chocolate.
araestel From: araestel Date: February 1st, 2007 12:09 am (UTC) (Link)
Chocolate good. You good. :)

It's someone I love so very much as a dear friend who is moving on and I'm afraid this will mean we'll grow apart. And I don't want that.

And as always--keep writing! *pokes*
flybaby014563 From: flybaby014563 Date: January 31st, 2007 11:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
I hope you get better soon hon.Thanks for thanking me twice on your list, but you didn't have to.I still have a deep love for both Viggo and Orlando, even thought you might think I love Peyton a little more.I love all types of guys,and I seriously don't have a favorite at the moment.lol.Get well soon!
araestel From: araestel Date: February 1st, 2007 12:10 am (UTC) (Link)
Hey--It's football season! You *have* to love Peyton more right now--especially considering Sunday is do or die! LOL

tularia From: tularia Date: January 31st, 2007 11:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
Supernatural is a good show, but I've yet to find it this 'cult phenomenon' that everyone else seems to have. And I can't do incest. Nope. My feet are firmly planted in the VO fandom, sweetheart!
*hugs you and buys you new lungs*
araestel From: araestel Date: February 1st, 2007 12:18 am (UTC) (Link)
Here's the kicker--I watched it from the first moment on the air. Liked it. have the dvd set. Still watch. But I'm *so* tired of it taking over my flist. I'd say it's taken over 70% of my flist and it's making me nuts!! I know it's me. And I know it's my problem. But it's making me so tired, I'm close to stopping watching because I'm just so sick of it.

I know I shouldn't be that way. And I'm trying hard not to. And because I'm so anti-SPN right now, I don't want it to cost me any friendships in the process.

Thanks for the new lungs. I really *really* needed those!
lala_salama From: lala_salama Date: February 1st, 2007 12:03 am (UTC) (Link)
Well, I'm not going anywhere, this is my first fandom and this lady not for turning :) *snuggles you*
araestel From: araestel Date: February 1st, 2007 12:19 am (UTC) (Link)
Glad you're still around hon. *hugs*
pokecharm From: pokecharm Date: February 1st, 2007 12:52 am (UTC) (Link)
get some rest dear - that might clear things up :)

and I totally get where you're coming from, my close friends aren't even friends anymore. We can't force friendships to continue I'm afraid, but we can talk about things openly and hope for the best!

*poke hugs*
araestel From: araestel Date: February 2nd, 2007 04:19 am (UTC) (Link)
I'd be so happy if I could just get comfy and sleep through the night.

It's hard to see friends move in different directions, ones we're not ready to travel. I suppose it just takes more work to sty close with fewer things in common.
From: caplinsea Date: February 1st, 2007 01:34 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm not going anywhere! I'm sad too with all the people that have moved on, but you just have to appreciate the people that are still here :)

I hope you get better soon! *hugs*
araestel From: araestel Date: February 2nd, 2007 04:26 am (UTC) (Link)
Glad to know you're staying! *hugs*
admirabile From: admirabile Date: February 1st, 2007 02:48 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm a viggorli girl for life. No one will ever compare to them. (((hugs)))
araestel From: araestel Date: February 2nd, 2007 04:27 am (UTC) (Link)
WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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