araestel (araestel) wrote,

I'm hoping maybe you guys can help

I think I may have asked this once before, but here it goes again...

Remember a diet coke commercial last year when a factory worker was watching the bottling assembly line and a Latin/Miami style song w/o lyrics was playing? The line stopped, he took a drink and the line restarted while he bounced his head and drank? What's that music???? I heard it in an episode of CSI:Miami on A & E Friday night, "One Night Stand" is the name of the ep. I've searched both ways and am having no luck. I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I came across "Mambo Gallego" by Tito Puente because it's his style of music, but no. That's not it, at least from the snippet at Amazon, it's not a match. Neither is a song by a guy with the last name Lyttle, "Turn Me On". *sigh* It's very frustrating.

Any help you could give me would be a great help!

I'm going to urgent care now. I can't stop coughing and it's making me nuts. Everything just hurts. *sigh*

And if you haven't voted at my two comms, please do. The voting ends at 7pm est tonight. Thanks!
Tags: music, personal

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