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Slashy paybacks

Seen in faramir_boromir's LJ:

If you were converted into slash by someone, post this in your journal and thank them properly and spread the slasher love!

I really don't have anyone to thank per se, I figured it out all on my own at about age 4 with ST: TOS. I just didn't know the word "slash" until a dozen or so years ago. So this part doesn't really apply. But thanks to mom for not discouraging me in the first place.

I'm also supposed to name somebody who I subsequently converted to slash myself.

Easy sindahaise. And boy when I converted her, I did a damn fine job of it! ;) *wavs* I think my official title is now "The Corruptor of the Innocent".

Also,my newest banner for placing in the newest challenge at karl_stillness.

Third Place

They've also asked me to make the winners banners from now on and I made the ones for this challenge. I *love* doing this stuff! I hope they like my work.

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