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Stuff and voting

First, thanks to tiniowien for the easter eggs! You're too sweet! Thanks to maubast for the gift of music too! *squishes* Also, thanks to bluespirit_star for the unexpected gift of Orlando in the mail! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE Thanks SO much!!!! Also, thanks to nikitas_lair for a copy of VMan. OMG--that man should be against the law. YUMMMMMMMMMMM And today I got something so very cool--a beautiful drawing of Drew from "Elizabethtown" and an unexpected gift of Will from PotC: CotBP as drawn by powerfulwoodelf Thanks SO much honey!!!!! You really do such lovely work!

I really do LOVE my flist!!!!!!!!!

For anyone who wondered, I received foodstamps which will run through September! Call me stunned, because I never did find a doctor to fill their damn form out. Go figure.

Also, If you have a few extra moments, more votes are needed at vigorli_stills and potc_challenge. Voting is open until 7:00 pm est. tonight.

And on a completely different note, I drove over some plastic last week which promptly melted to my tailpipe making my car stink. Roommie got under there and tried to get off as much as she could, but a ton of it has melted on there and every time I drive, I smell like I'm on fire. And ideas for removing it? I went to a car wash that did underpinning cleaning and they said they couldn't help. *sigh*
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