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News under the cut

I went to see Pirates with Roy. Even though I knew what happened and it was done beautifully, I cried like a baby and am still pissed at Will's fate. I said it after seeing DMC, that they'd do that to Will. And dammit, I *hate* being right!! He looked beautiful (as always) and the characters seemed more in line with CotBP though once I get to see it again and I recover from the stuff below, I may change my mind.

By the time I got home, there was something wrong with Brady. He was suddenly walking sideways and he didn't have much control over his hind legs, causing him to stagger and fall around. So now he's on meds with strict instructions not to jump or run. This means even ground only, so the outside stuff is... interesting. He has to be carried and with the steroids he's on, he's drinking like a fish. So lots more trips.

Mom fell from the lift Thursday night and the paramedics were called to help get her up out of the floor and back into bed. Things seem to go downhill from there and while the home health nurse was there, she became totally incoherent and was rushed to the hospital. It seems her body wasn't producing any fluids and she'd had a heart attack. So since my parents live in a small town, the hospital transfered her to Lexington via ambulance. She's in ICU and they've given her 5 units of blood, plasma and fluids. Her blood pressure has been 75/33 when they transferred her (and that was up from what it had been) and today, the lower reading is 71. So that's better.

I'm guessing I won't be around much for the next week or so. And my connectivity is limited, so be patient with me.
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