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And it just keeps getting better...

Even though *two* hospitals were told my mother fell, no one cared to x-ray anything other than her chest and abdomen, until this morning, yet they wondered where the blood could be going.


Think maybe it's because BOTH TIBIA'S AND ONE FIBULA ARE BROKEN???!!!

Call me pissed!! Cause I'm that and a whole lot more right now. GRRRRRRRR Good goddamn thing she's not had any feeling in her legs for years. Between the staph infection and now this....

And they're talking heart cath as well. Considering she's 80, has been grossly overweight most of her life, high blood pressure and diabetic... I'm concerned. And they're telling me they have to do the heart cath first if the surgeon feels that's the best recourse and then operate to fix her legs. Which I get. You have to do the most important thing first, that meaning her heart and stabilizing her blood pressure and fluids. But in her current condition, I'm concerned about having to go under anesthesia to repair her legs. Doctors wanted to replace her knees years ago, but because of all her weight and medical issues, they decided as did we, that it wasn't the best recourse.


Brady seems a little better, at least he can wag his tail now. But he's still having to be carried everywhere and we have every chair down here covered with outdoor cushions to keep him from jumping.

Nothing is in it's place, and everything is making me a little antsy right now.
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