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VO Stillness

*sigh* Entries are *way* down recently and Jen and I are beginning to wonder if we need to close T H I S community, though we really don't want to. We *love* this community and everyone who participates, but there just isn't enough participation. *Everyone* who is a part of the community needs to participate and we desperately need more entries. Now both of us know there are a lot of Viggo/Orlando fans around here, we just can't figure out why we just don't have more icons submitted on a regular basis. Maybe it's just the holidays. Maybe it's people just don't think they can make icons. Maybe LIMS communities are more popular than the traditional icon challenges. We just honestly don't know. But do I know we've lost one person recently (and we DO miss you--lots and lots) and we surely don't want to lose any more. So please consider entering in the current challenge. We only have 3 submissions in each challenge and have room for a whole lot more before the deadline Saturday at 7 pm, so please consider entering H E R E

Or if you think the time for the community has come and gone and you think we should close it, tell us that too.

It seems odd that just a few weeks ago we had more entries than we ever had and now we're begging for participation again. Maybe it's 'cause I'm back. Want me to go? Tell us!

[I'll post a personal update next.]
Tags: challenge, community

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