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Here I go again...

Someone wrote me on an earlier entry a few days ago and was looking for a song, "Eyes Wide Open" by Shaznay Lewis. I think it's from "The Calcium Kid" movie and I know a lot of you helped find tunes from the film a few months ago, but this wasn't one of them. Anyone have it? Also, I'm looking for a font, "Rubens" for tularia It seems I can only find it as a paid font. :(

Also a quick thank you to a few people for recent kindnesses they've accorded me. Thanks to shegollum for the more than generous gift! You're a real gem and a generous soul. *squishes* Thanks to jersey_lion, grey853 (and happy birthday, btw) and mrs_erupt for the cards after mom's passing. It was so sweet of you to think of me. Thanks to lyn_t for the My Chemical Romance cd and The Music King, theamusedone for the My Chemical Romance dvd he so thoughtfully shared. Thanks to sissy for the PotC goodies she sent and namarie For the totally unexpected but absolutely *amazing LotR postcards!! How'd you know I'd always wanted those??? (And did I ever send you all the banners you needed? With mom's passing, I've kinda lost track of everything.) And thanks to that wonderful, generous person, Monica (i admit, I can't remember your user name, but I'm lucky I remember my own right now) who sent me the flyer for "In Celebration". You were so sweet to share that with me! *hugs*

And finally, thanks to jenlynn820 for handling the communities while I was gone and *especially* for the gift of laughter. The dancing Orli and Vig thing was a complete HOOT! That visual has brought me so much laughter and pleasure! It's priceless, just like you!

Lastly, thanks to all of my flist again for the condolences you sent me. My father and I were very touched and pleased by your remembrances.

I hope I haven't left anyone out. I'm trying really hard to keep everything together and mind my manners and recognize everyone who has been such a great help and friend to me.

Oh, and hugs to ames1010 and tinkerfairy. Parents will make you nuts!!

I'll shut up and stop rambling now. ;) *hugs flist*
And hey--where's katlinn????? Talk to me woman!

EDIT: Mystery solved!! That would be dollface_uk *slaps stupid brain* Thanks honey!!!! *squishes*
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