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Thought I'd share

It's a wonderful time for me musically, with a new Prince cd (though I;'m not really happy with it yet), a new Matchbox Twenty dropping Oct 2nd and a free Bruce Springsteen download from his new cd. I LOVE MUSIC!!! So here I am, sharing two and counting the days to the full cd releases.

If only Jeff Buckley was still around....

Matchbox Twenty-How Far We've Come (Btw-VH1's countdown features them in the breaks *and* they premiered their new song last night when I happened to catch it.)

Bruce Springsteen-Radio Nowhere

Does anyone have Bruce Springsteen "The Chimes of Freedom"? I have the lp but no way to play it and every DL I've tried is some kind of weird format that won't work for me. :(
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