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I have a shitty life and nothing ever seems to go right for me these past few years. But I had my pictures. The only thing that brought me joy were the Orlando and Viggo pictures I'd receive from last_glances. That is, until these past few days.

So they removed the Viggo pics because they were being stolen and reposted. I didn't blame them and told them I stood behind them 100%. Then they had to change their name and it was so new, I hadn't even learned it yet. Now the whole community is gone and me learning the new community name is now moot.

And why?

Because a couple of stupid fuckwads can't follow the goddamned rules!

Message to the idiots:

Thank you very much you little bitches, whoeverthefuck you are. I really appreciate your massive efforts in the devious ways you contrived to steal. Congratulations--you won. Good luck getting photos now, you little bitches. I hope you get finger cramps searching and your bank account overdraws in your effort to "get pics first". In other words--choke on 'em!

Pissed??? You betcha!

I'm SICK of fandom and the petty bullshit that goes on inside one from a small number of idiots!!

Many of you know the oozing piles of shit I had to go through in my old fandom and I really thought I'd left it all behind. Boy was I mistaken. Shit like what has happened can kill a fandom. I've seen it too many times before. So as a word to all of you V/O fans from someone with a lot of experience... FIGHT IT. Give the fandom a shot in the arm. Write, make icons, wallpapers, post pics, discuss--whatever it takes. DO NOT GIVE UP THE LOVE!! These little bitches should NOT have the power to kill a fandom out of their own greed. We're all here because we love Viggo and Orlando and it's just that simple.

To the ladies who ran the community, I appreciated your efforts. Words cannot express my sorrow and anger on your behalf. You provided the fandom one of the greatest gifts possible and your contributions through the community will be missed. And missed by some more than others.

I kinda feel like my world is shattering right now.

And just because...

Evident Love
Tags: orlando, personal, pics, viggo

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