araestel (araestel) wrote,

Need votes

Please, if you're a Viggo/Orlando fan or a fan of either of them, please, PLEASE, add our community to pages you watch and cast your vote weekly. We're desperate for participation and especially now after the recent turn of events. It doesn't take more than a minute to vote for 3 in each challenge and every vote goes a long way. We'd really appreciate it.

We have 93 members and 108 watching the community. This week, so far, we've had *nine* people vote. N I N E. If even half of all our members voted, I could stop driving you all nuts with begging for votes. I know many watch the community to snag new icons, and that's fine. Just take an extra second to cast a vote for the ones you like. All participants would gladly appreciate it.

We'll keeping the voting open until 11:00 pm est. tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

Tags: voting

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