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OMG-- Kentucky knocks off No. 1 LSU in 3-OT thriller!!!!!

I know none of you really care, but I can't help it! This is AMAZING news! For too long, the University of Kentucky football team has been the laughing stock of the SEC and our favorite saying here was "just wait until basketball season". So this is nothing short of SHOCKING!!

UK beats #1 LSU

Andre' Woodson's seven-yard touchdown pass to Steve Johnson in the third overtime and a defensive stop by the Wildcats led 17th-ranked Kentucky to a 43-37 victory over No. 1 LSU.

The victory was Kentucky's first over the nation's top-ranked team since 1964 when they defeated Mississippi.

Louisville Upsets No. 15 Cincinnati 28-24

Brian Brohm threw three touchdown passes and made a gutsy, game-turning 51-yard completion Saturday night, rallying Louisville to a 28-24 victory over No. 15 Cincinnati, who was undefeated until tonight.

Cards Win!

Unfortunately, the Red Sox are losing, but here's my favorite player anyway...

Big Papi!

I love me some Big Papi!! ;)

I have to root for the Sox since the Cubs shot themselves in the foot. Again. *sigh* Oh, the life of a Cubs fan......
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