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Birthday re-cap and final thank you

I was so sure that it would be forgotten this year because I haven't been around as much on lj as I should have been due to so many things happening in my life this past year. So you could have blown me over with a feather when all these wishes came rolling in! just wait until I share the list of my birthday well-wishers with another quick thank you to everyone who took the time to remember me. It's so very much appreciated and I love you all so much. I really do have the world's best flist!

So, here's my list with a whole lot of pretties and link to the goodies under the cut. Be sure to check them out--I even got this icon from harukameko and a whole bunch of other stuff I love so very much. Oh--and a pic spam of Orlando too!

First, wishes from:

gattodoro, claudia603, lucilla27, lee_ashburn, elflady_2001, viggosterri, orlisheart, soar38, ms_erupt, _elissabeth_, flybaby014563, xxflissxx, tiniowien, sepira, paulabmcausette, pokecharm, vol4itca, matan4il, belil_gaviel, tularia, stephanie_gb, and pyleanelf!

You can see them all here:

And in case it asks:
User Name: AraEstel
Password: Orlando

cyclonicblast A lovely card to cheer me when I was down over Heath’s death

Virtual gifts from: kinseymill, monicaop, netty2412

peppervl - A birthday text message

the_tim_world - A Starbucks gift card—YAY!

maubast - Books, Gummy bears, Hallmark Greeting and a PotC Card –LOVE YOU SIS!!

Bertiebee, AKA: "Mom" for the Hallmark greeting.

grey853 - Card, PotC cards & stickers, and a PotC card—Thank you!! It feels like we’ve been friends forever and *that’s* the best gift I could ever get from you!

wav - Lord…. Two Heath movies I didn’t have, Starbucks coffee and the most enormous rice krispy treat EVER, dinner at Rockies Italian Grill, Valentine candy, another year at Pogo and the pleasure of her company including laughs over the possibility of being in a tornado. (long story) LOVE YOU!!

And her parents, who are like mom and dad to me, who gifted me with the final two seasons of Quantum Leap and who *tried* to give me the Orlando biography I wanted so badly, which sadly, they can't get--it was canceled.

An Orlando picspam from bluespirit_star one my of oldest and dearest friends from about 4 fandoms back. ;)

And if I've missed any, please show me and I'll get you added to my list. LJ has a tendency to eat posts I've found. Damn that Goat!

EDIT: I goofed. Instead of just *showing* off all my pretties, I should have mentioned each person individually, so I'm here to rectify that oversight right now. *slaps forehead* In no particular order...
padabee, tinkerfairy, jenlynn820, jack4will, is_an_amoeba, hammil77, harukameko, caplinsea, autumnverse, ames1010, _elissabeth_, lady_razzle, dollface_uk, charly2004, bm_shipper, andnolewen, kailorien, vesperlynn, sakurazukalori, numenora, monicaop, jassyskie, jack4will, grey853, edanna, pokecharm, and wishes from un4scene, flybaby014563 and daizalicious, and I really hope I haven't missed anyone. *crosses fingers* /Edit

And I just have to ask you guys—do you think of people on your flist as their RL names or the LJ names? I’m afraid it’s the latter for me because that’s how I spend so much time with you all. Mata is just Mata and Jen is just Jen, but that’s because your names are your LJ handles. And I knew bluespirit_star as your name long before LJ (I won't say it here to protect the innocent ;) ), so that’s not an issue for me. But For all my wonderful friends I’ve met here, I think of you as your LJ persona. Is this how it is for you or is it just me??
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