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OOPS-I goofed on my birthday post

I should have taken the time to post the name of every single amazingly great friend who made me a pretty picture or icon too, so I fixed that and you can see the list with a few new additions *points to icon*. I added everyones name to their art and just didn't think clearly enough to realize I needed to specifically thank each and everyone of you. I was just so blown away and excited for everyone to see my goodies (and there's a sinus infection involved too) I just wasn't using my head. And for that, I sincerely apologize.

So to see an updated list, OGLE PRETTIES AND WISHES HERE

*hugs flist* Words really cannot express how special you all are to me and how much I value you each of you and the love and caring you show me and each other every day. I really do have an amazing flist!
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