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For all my Viggo Fans (and who *isn't*)...

I have a producer friend in LA who asked me if I'd pass this on to all the Viggo Supporters. It's in regard to "Beyond Baroque" and it's future.

If you care, you must act NOW--the vote is tomorrow! Yes, it's short notice, but I just received word a few moments ago.

Please take a moment to read this message, and then to send an email to Bill Rosenthal (cc Rocky Delgadillo) to save Beyond Baroque from closing its doors. Thank you.

PS: Please feel free to share this with anyone interested. The more response, the greater the chance we have of staying open. Thanks!


Here's the 411 on the situation.

After years of hard work on the part of Fred Dewey and others advocating for Beyond Baroque, City Councilman Bill Rosendahl agreed at the end of fall 2007 to extend Beyond Baroque's lease of the building at 681 Venice Blvd. for another 25 years. We on the Board of Trustees went off into the holidays relieved that the issue had finally been resolved and that Beyond Baroque's homestead was secure.

I was stunned to learn last night that last week, Councilman Rosendahl was informed by City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo's office that the City Attorney wants to put the lease to 681 Venice Blvd. up for an auction process for other non-profits to bid on. This despite
the facts that:

1) It is generally up to the City Councilman of a given council district to determine how city property assets are parsed out for public use;

2) 681 Venice Blvd. has been Beyond Baroque's home for nearly 40 years;

3) Beyond Baroque's staff and supporters have put their time, money, and talents into not only keeping up and improving the building and its facilities, but also into beautifying its landscape.

This new snag may be Mr. Delgadillo's way of playing politics with Councilman Rosendahl, but he has ordered a hearing to decide the matter NEXT TUESDAY. That's right. Rocky gives us until Tuesday, February 19, to do something about this.

We need to take action NOW.

Please send an e-mail to City Councilman Bill Rosendahl to thank him for supporting the 25-year lease renewal for Beyond Baroque and to let him know that you support him in his battle to keep Beyond Baroque in its rightful home. IMPORTANT! Be sure to cc: the City Attorney on your e-mail. Large numbers of e-mails WILL get their attention. It does not have to be a long e-mail. You can personalize it by adding a few words about what Beyond Baroque means to you as a resident of Los Angeles.

If you aren't from L.A., please tell them that Beyond Baroque is an important reason for you to keep coming back to Venice and to Los Angeles. If you are from out of state or out of the country altogether, please talk about how you know of Beyond Baroque's outstanding reputation and why it's important for Los Angeles to protect and sustain its only literary arts center.

Be polite and supportive so that both parties understand that keeping Beyond Baroque exactly where it is is a positive move that benefits everyone.

Do this TONIGHT. The hearing is on Tuesday.

I thank you for taking action.

Much love and in solidarity,

Amélie Frank
Member, Board of Trustees
Beyond Baroque

Just to clarify, Viggo *is* still a huge supporter of Beyond Baroque, regardless of no longer being on the board.

Sorry I can't remember the code for mail, but just copy and paste the addresses in your mail program.


Edit: In case anyone was curious, I just sent my own note and it looked something like this:


I wanted to thank your for taking the initiative to renew Beyond Baroque's lease for another 25 years, as it's such a huge asset to the area.

This wonderful organization needs to stay right where it is and has been for a very long time.

I'm not from LA, but I've enjoyed the cd's they've produced in the past and would like to one day be able to sit and enjoy readings there in person.

Please don't let this end. Help keep Beyond Baroque right where it belongs.


yadda yadda yadda
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