araestel (araestel) wrote,

A plea

I know the VO fandom is in flux and there have been some problems in the past week or so, and I get that. Not sure I exactly followed what started what, who said what and so on, or why it all happened in the first place. But as I'm sure you all probably know by now, I somehow miss all that negative stuff and don't get in the middle of fandom disputes even if I *do* see things. Regardless of your stance in all this, I'm going to ask for some help.

In the vigorli_stills icon challenge community, there are only *three* people entered and one of those has only entered *one* icon (which is fine absolutely fine). But participation is so far down, I'm really concerned that this community is in serious probability of having to close down. I don't want that. I hope *you* don't want that either. I *love* this community like I love the Viggo/Orlando pairing and believe in the viability of both.

So if you're an icon maker, would like to *be* an icon maker--now's the time to test your skill and get busy by testing the waters and entering! The current challenge #128 is open until 7 pm tomorrow night (Saturday), so there's plenty of time left to get your submissions posted. The community and fandom can use your participation.


And just because it's my most favorite pic of them....

Tags: icon, vig/orli

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