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If anyone has sent me a mail last night or today or replied to anything on my lij, potc_challenge or vigorli_stills the webhosting site I use got hacked. I will not be able to retrieve any mail that was sent after midnight or any time today--it's gone. I'm working rapidly now to try and upload things elsewhere. So please change my address to Araestel at gmail dot com and I hope to get caught up on things asap.

EDIT: I need some G-Mail help. And thanks to all this shit, I'm missing my damned basketball game.


I see now when I log into G-mail, if the subject line is the same, I get all mails as *one*. So all the first seven of the replies to this came up as one mail from pokecharm. This is extremely irritating to me. And they're showing up in an odd order, the original at the bottom and not the top. AARRGH!!! Does anyone know if I can change any of this so that each mail comes in separately and change from ascending to descending?

God, why can't shit just be fucking easy????
Tags: personal, server hack

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