araestel (araestel) wrote,

Another meme I lifted

Snagged from causette

Number of journal entries: 603 I need to talk more, don't I?

Number of people on flist: 304 And I always welcome more.

Person who introduced you to LJ: maubast

Still friends with this person? Of course!!

How many people have you introduced to LJ? I'm not sure, 3 or 4 maybe, give or take.

List everyone on your flist that you have met in person: maubast, grey853 wav, un4scene, peppervl, thefieldmouse, veronica_rich, WOW! Not bad for a person who doesn’t get out much. ;)

Anyone on LJ you can't stand? Nope! But if you’d asked me about politics….;)

Name one person on your flist who you'd most like to meet: Everyone! But I gotta say there's a few I’ve known for years that are sat the top of my list like, bluespirit_star we go waaaay, waaaay back. But I really do love all my flist and would LOVE to meet all of you!

Number of comments: Posted: 28,648 - Received: 13,838

Biggest pet peeve about LJ: NOT ENOUGH USER PICS! I need MORE, dammit—I have COMMUNITIES!

Do you feel close to most of the people on your flist? Definitely YES!
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