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Five things

Gacked from maubast

1. What are your five favorite all time TV shows?

(I need to double this...)
Quantum Leap
The Sentinel
The Nanny

2. What five things you want to do before the year is out?

Pay off one more credit card
Change the layout in my LJ
Screencap PotC
Toss out old fic and streamline my room
Go to the LotR Exhibit in Indianapolis

3. Who are five people you would want to have dinner with?

Prince Paris
Will Turner (seeing a pattern here???)
[tries to cram my FList into one seat so counts as one person...]

4. Where are five places you would like to visit?

New Zealand

5. What are your five favorite desserts?

Peppermint ice cream
Strawberry shortcake
Red Velvet cake
White chocolate anything (sans nuts--allergic)
Oreo ice cream pie

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