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Quick update

First, thanks so much to grey853 for the lovely gifts of Will Turner! Brady has a night light! And those adorable puppies!! I really needed a mouse pad too! *hugs* It was so sweet of you to think of me!

Secondly, thanks so much sis (maubst)!! You gave me the WEATHER CHANNEL!!! And the Tsars! And Trivia! AND... Will Turner! You so totally rock! I hope to have some time soon to read.

And cyclonicblast, I'm not ignoring you. I swear! As you'll read, I've been a smidge busy. *hugs*

And to you, peppervl, I'm so sorry for your loss and streak of bad luck. It's so damn hard on a normal basis to keep your head above water, much less at Christmas. *hugs* The printer is still yours if you want.

Lastly, times aren't good...

Sunday night, Brady started trowing up. Lots Something like 9 times. Then again Monday and Tuesday. He wouldn't eat nor drink And if he did try to eat, it just came back up. So we trot him off to the vet yesterday and he gets fluids, an anti-nausea injection as well as a B-12 injection to give him some energy. Today, he still won't drink, though we have gotten a couple of teaspoons of yogurt and a little of Aeryn's moist food. wav isn't feeling real positive and I'm not as optimistic as I once was. He's gassy, but no gifts. He is still urinating, but since he's not taking much nourishment, I'm double concerned that this is a signal of something more final. I told wav a couple of months ago that I doubted we'd have him next year at Christmas, but I certainly didn't see it coming this soon. I hope we're both wrong, but it's not feeling like I should be as optimistic about him as I have in the past. It'll just kill me to lose him.

We could really use the good thoughts.
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