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I was wondering if anyone out there is into Webkinz? Or have any codes they're not using? I'm completely addicted to them and would love to add more.

In case anyone wonders what I'm talking about:

Webkinz Signature Panda

Webkinz pets are lovable plush pets that each come with a unique Secret Code that lets you enter Webkinz World and play with a virtual version of your pet. From room decorating to exercising and caring for a pet, they're great fun. Many games are available for playing too, and some are even challenging for adults.

Roommie got me this little guy and I named him "Bamboo", or "Boo" for short. She has one named "Zen" and her mom even wanted one and named it "Oreo". ;) They really have the sweetest faces! The eyes can make you melt!

All these little guys come with tags with secret codes, and some pets come with two! So if anyone has any of these stuffed guys and codes they're not using, I'd love to have them. I'm thoroughly and completely addicted. LOL

Also, keep these in mind for any little ones for birthdays or holidays. It's a "safe" site and all conversations have pre-defined parameters, so no child-predators! And they're pretty reasonable on the stuffed toy price.

Stuffed pets and unused codes would be greatly appreciated! And if anyone else thinks the idea of these guys is fun, some of the Lil' Kinz are even available at Walgreens for anywhere from $2.99 to $6.99. They're great gift ideas and are really cute.

So.... got any codes? Never hurts to ask... *hugs*
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