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Call me astounded

Sis called earlier and gaved me the GREATEST news!! She's at a con (Connexions, I think) and I sent some art with her for the art show. Seems I made a picture (Due South fandom) that brought in one of the highest bids--$175!!! I'm speechless! And she sold a few more for $10 each so I've got a lot more to pay on the credit card! WOO HOO!!! (Here's the pic)


AND... I won a First Place award! For a LotR zine cover I did: (The scan isn't all that but I can't seem to find the original)

Fractured Reflections

I was really hoping to win something for a crossover zine I did a *ton* of work for but maybe that will happen at Media West. *crosses fingers*

Next post will be Icons--I *swear*. I'm picking them out now.

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