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Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom

I *love* that name!

Sounds like he likes my city too!

Orlando Bloom's Elizabethtown Preview: “Cameron Crowe is an amazing man and director. That was the first time I’d played the lead, other than The Calcium Kid or Haven, but it was a contemporary role playing an American. To have done my first contemporary lead role with an American accent with the quintessential American director, this is a guy who’s got his hand on his heart with his finger on the pulse of America as far as I can tell in terms of the movies that I’ve seen that he’s directed. He just knows how to take a moment and make it such a real sublime moment in terms of today. I mean, ‘You had me at hello,’ it’s like he’s got those catch phrases.

“And I had an amazing experience working in the heartland of America which was something I’d never been to before. Being in Kentucky, being in Louisville, being embraced by the people and seeing how that side of America really exists. And it’s such a strong presence that I was never really aware of because I’d always only ever been in New York or LA. It’s like wow, there’s a real extensive community and family. And then I drove back from Nebraska to Los Angeles on my own, just me and the dog in the car and it was amazing to see how much expansive land I passed without seeing anyone. And you think, ‘Wow, America is so big’ but it’s more in the sense of there’s all this space, but it’s condensed into these areas but it was amazing.”

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