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Can this day get any worse? (Lord, I probably shouldn't ask that question)

First, my mom gets upset because I got my hair done today. Because I spent *money*. Then, I get a note from my credit card company telling me I'm over the credit limit, and then they assess me an "overlimit fee", add that to my regular monthly fee and the $25.95 I'm over on my credit limit, not to mention a bogus chage for some protection plan that I never signed up for as well as the over $80 screwed me for--and it's just ugly.

Add to all this the fact I can barely hear anything at all, and the frustration is mounting. I couldn't hear anything at Regis today unless Sherry (my stylist) leaned down and spoke directly into my ear. I feel cut off and jumpy. It's easier to just stay home now, not that I have the money to go anywhere, but I can't hear once I get there. Going out is no pleasure at all.

I just can't keep this up. I'm so upset I just want to cry.

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