February 1st, 2005


Kingdom of Heaven stuff

First, found this link for "Kingdom of Heaven": http://www.joblo.com/upcomingmovies/movies.php?id=249

Also, I placed in a recent icon challenge bykarl_stillness Thanks to everyone who voted for my entry!

Theme-Mods Choice


I was awarded second place in the weekly icon challenge by orli_stillness. I'll poste the banner here as soon as I have it. But it's for the icon on the left. I actually meant for it to go into the "theme" challenge which was "Hush" and I couldn't use any text. But oh well. At least some people liked it well enough for second place in the regular challenge. ;)

Next, I made some "Kingdom of Heaven" icons from new promotional photos. Three of them are older, ones I've used myself for a few months but decided to add them to the newest ones I've made. Please leave me a note if you like any well enough to take. I've been making a lot of icons lately and plan to post some more tomorrow.


1. Kingdom of Heaven #1 2. Kingdom of Heaven #2

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