February 27th, 2005


Every have one of *those* days?

Well, I'm having one. Holes. My life is full of holes. And rips. And tears.

My shirt has holes, my undies have holes. My blanket has holes. My socks have holes. My sheet ripped down the center last night and my pants have the hem coming out of them. I'm obviously falling apart. And my back hurts so bad I can barely move.

On a more pleasant note, here's my banner for the recent Orli-Stillness challenge.

Orli Stillness 2nd
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Just because ...

He's beautiful and I love looking at him and hearing his voice. (Thanks to jenlynn820 for sharing) She does beautiful work--go check out her LJ.

Orlando at the 2005 Oscars


And another, 'cause I just can't resist.

Orlando #2 at the 2005 Oscars

So beautiful!!
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