May 15th, 2005


More strange stuff

Woke myself up last night saying "BUNNY!" Go figure.

You are Orlando Bloom! Everyone in the fandom
adores you and secretly wishes they were you.
You are the coolest of the cool! You have more
friends and fans than you could imagine and you
are super cute!

Which LOTR actor represents your LJ fandom identity?
brought to you by Quizilla

Shocked? Me neither. ;)

And just for un4scene

On my alternative radio station today they played an "exclusive clip for Star Wars III-Revenge of the Sith"
Conversation between Anakin and Padme(paraphrased)

Anakin: "From now on, no more Anakin. I shall be known as 'Darth Vader the Dark Knight."
Padme: "That's fine honey. Are you going out to moisture farm?"
Anakin: "Darth Vader does not moisture farm. He is a Dark Lord."
Padme: "Okay. Well... can you take the trash out?"
Anakin: "Darth Vader doesn't 'take out the trash. He is a Dark Lord and menial tasks are beneath him."
Padme: "Gee... someone needs a nap."

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