May 20th, 2005


Only shit like this could happen to me

We had some really harsh storms here last night. Nothing new about that--spring in Kentucky--you expect it. However, what I walked into 9 1/2 hours later I never expected.

I was tired and took a nap while the tv was on telling us of storms and possible tornadoes nearby. I got up and turned of my pc and went back to sleep on the couch. Never thought anything about it. FInally decided to head to bed at about 4:45 am.

Didn't exactly pan out.

I got up to my room and turned on the light, the ceiling fan and floor fan were still on and laid my book on the bed and turned on the tv. Then I realized the bed was wet. Automatically, I figure Brady has taken a leak in the bed because he's afraid of storms--though how he got up on my bed, I'll never know. I'm nearly 5'10" and I have to stand on my toes to get into it.

So I started stripping the bed. All the way down to the mattress pad and then I saw the large stain (half the mattress) and went ballistic. This mattress is only about 14 months old. It's a double pillow top and the thing was saturated. I start cursing the dog telling him I hope body parts start rotting off. I debate waking wav and telling her and after about 20 minutes of trying to clean the mattress, I wake her up and tell her what's going on.

Anyway, to make a terribly long story a tad shorter, it seems there's more damage than just Brady taking a wizz on my bed--it wasn't him (this time). Evidentally, water came in around the light fixture through the roof and with the ceiling fan on, the water was blown all over the room like a lawn sprinkler. It's ruined too many pics of Orlando for me to talk about, one of my Orlando calendars, water stains on the cherry furniture, water stains the curtains and there's water spots on the wall as well. It got a zine and god knows what else--I've not tested the dvd player or vcr yet--I'm giving them plenty of time to dry out.

So now I sit here waiting for our condo president to get her arse outta bed so I can call her and report this and then try and figure out how and *if* I can clean my mattress and *when* it can be done. All this on a two hour nap and my sister is due in later today and I have to make a road trip down town as well as deal with all of this.

I'd say when it rains, it pours but that's just not funny right now.

Can't decide if 6 am is too early for alcohol or not.
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