June 26th, 2005



Look at my pretty new LJ!! Thanks to the blessed talents of jenlynn820 for making the pretty picture you see at the top, for giving me pointers on how to fix the header, and maubast for putting up with my begging and pleading and numerous changes and doing the gut work for me. Also to wav for helping check the code and offering suggestions on how to fix our picture issues.

You guys have made my day! *hugs*
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More icons

These ae some old ones (for the most part) that I've done and just never posted. So finally, here they are. Some I was just going to toss because frankly, I'm moved past the early style of some of the earlier completed ones of these, but I thought someone might like some of them anyway. It's either this or the recycle bin. Some I'm quite happy with, but I have this huge folder with icons and I'm just posting as I come to them. Orli and Viggo will be posted in the next batch.

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