July 26th, 2005


Can't sleep again

I'm in too much pain. It keeps waking me up. So I finally just surrendered and brought my ass back downstairs. Maybe I can get a nap later on the couch.

And I'm *so* not a morning person. Yet in the past month, I've seen way too many sunrises.


Guess I'll go work on my icon projects.


Like this is a shocker. NOT!!!!!!

You're Jen lynn! You write all the epic fics that
leave the fandom on the edge of their seats.
You like it sweet and neat, just like you! If
you were in a boy band you'd be the cute one.

Which Viggorli fangirl are YOU?
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viggo orli
You are Orlando wearing a Viggo. Lucky bastard.

Which Orlando Bloom fashion statement are you?
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