July 31st, 2005


Another day

Thanks to everyone who tried to cheer me up yesterday. I got 4 icons completed. Yea!!

Recent banners:

VigOrli Stills First Place

VigOrli Stills Theme Second Place

Bean Stillness Theme Second Place

The following were sent to me via the same friend of a friend who sent me the E-town pic from Cannes. Be warned--they *may* make you spew coke.

Collapse )


I should be working, but I just couldn't resist. maubast Here's our dream man!!!!!


http://designbyjoyce.com/mikey/411.html (go there!)


And for those who wonder who it is, it's Mikey Teutle from "American Choppers" on Discover Channel. If you ever want a laugh, watch this show! Sr. and Jr. are a freaking trip! But Mikey--he's my man!

PS--going to water the new plant--have my cell. *snerk*
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