September 17th, 2005


Elizabethtown Movie Premier in E-town

Elizabethtown Premier, Elizabethtown, KY, Saturday, Sept 17th 1:00 pm est. No, Orlando didn't make it to this one. I was told he was late filming Pirates and instead of leaving last evening, he left this morning from LA. I'll have pics in the next post of the premier he attended in Louisville. Be patient--I'm working as fast as I can.

These photos are untouched and the best I could offer. You try getting pushed around by 300 screaming, teenage girls. ;)

I need a hot bath and a serious sleep.

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Elizabethtown Premier in Louisville, KY

September 17, 7:00 pm est.

Here's the man! I wish they were better quality, but hey--I saw him with my own eyes and got to speak with him! (enter squeeing voice here) Very nice and sweet to everyone--press and fans alike. He went in to the theatre, spoke for a moment to the attendees and came back out instead of seeing the film, and signed autographs for everyone who had been waiting for hours. (note to self--buy folding stadium chair) He's really beautiful in person and when the boy smiled and winked at me.... I honestly did feel week in my knees. ;)

He took the time to speak with everyone he could and sign *everything* anyone wanted him too. I got to actually speak with him near the end of the evening. He smiled and winked at me and asked me how *I* was doing and said he really appreciated my waiting for him for so long. He asked me if I was at the earlier premier in E-town and I said yes. He apologized for being late and said filing (PotC DMC) had run over and then had problems catching a flight out to get to Kentucky on time. I handed him one of the pics of him dressing in a tux (I'll post it later) and it actually made him pause and do a double take. Maybe because it was new and no one had asked him to sign it before. He laughed and signed it and thanked me again for coming. He really is as sweet and beautiful, even more so, than you might think. Wow--I just had 5 minutes with Orlando Bloom! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

He really loves this part of the county and all of his fans and is truly a very nice guy. It's amazing to see him actually take the time to make a connection with a person he'll probably never see again and make everyone feel special.

They passed out mini-posters (one sheets) and the first and final poster as well. Very cool!

BTW, the tv stations I saw there covering the event were from Louisville: Fox41 (WTFX I think), WLKY, WHAS, WAVE and WLEX from Lexington. I've already seen him on 3 reports tonight. And as a side note, Oprah sent a film crew so be looking for him on there soon. From what their representative told us, Oprah and Orlando granted a wish to three Asian teens who wanted to meet him and see the movie premier and she flew them here to Louisville and he bought them their dresses and invited their mom and dad as well. He's such a sweet guy! (Like we didn't know that already!)

Sorry about all the Nancy Wilson pics--but I've been a fan of Heart for years. (And I'm *so* not telling my age.) Off to soak everything that hurts and pop major amounts of aspirin. ;)

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