October 10th, 2005


Questioning my sanity

I cannot believe I just sat through 'lumps humps and bumps' for Orlando on TRL. Thank God for Greenday or I would have run away screaming! I've been a fan of music from the moment I took my first breath. I love all kinds of music and am the one people run to for music answers. But the majority of the hip hop/rap crap makes me want to hurl. The videos are even worse than the music--seems you can't make one now without some chick in skimpy shorts shaking her ass in the camera. It's really rather disgusting. Whatever happened to "less is more"? What I see definitely falls under the label of TMI. I've enjoyed Green Day, The Killers and various other pop/rock bands. But stuff like that Kanye West with Jamie Foxx "Golddigger" stuff is nothing but a beat drum. That's not music. At least not to me. And yes, before anyone asks if I've tried it--yes, I have. And I pass.

I have to wonder if it's because of my age. Then I reluctantly admit I like some pop music (*groan* Kelly Clarkson has had some recent ones I grudgingly admit I like), though I prefer rock (hard rock like Korn, Manson, etc.) any old day. But what's offered up as music now makes my stomach turn. All I can say is thank god for people like Rob Thomas--a man who can write, perform and actually carry a tune. Just please--no hip hop/ rap crap shit for me. I'll pass. Repeatedly.

Though I must check out A Simple Plan's "Crazy"....

On an up note--today's show was great for Orli hair porn. Always a good thing. ;) He looks rested, at least today.

I'll post some icon goodies later tonight since I've finally caught up some and can breathe again.