December 20th, 2005


Elizabethtown songs


I'm looking for:

"That's Life" - James Brown from the CD "Gettin' Down To It" (yes, this specific version)

"Moon River" - Patty Griffin

"Words" - Ryan Adams

"What Are They Doing in Heaven Today" - Washington Phillips (I LOVE this song!)

And for those of you counting--I just saw "Elizabethtown" at the second-run theatre tonight, so that makes it 11 times. :)

Just a side note--thanks to me being sick (insert grumbling and coughing here), I've not had a chance to send out Christmas cards. You guys all hate me now? Either I can send them out and they get there late or you guys can call me a complete loser. *sigh*

I hate winter.

Help Viggo help the Lakota

Please post this in your LJ's and pass it around (I'm not sure where it's acceptable and let's face it, the more it gets around, they better off the Lakota are)...

Viggo Mortensen is a member of the poetry community in Los Angeles and is also an adopted member of the Lakota Nation. Recently, he made a donation to a cause supported by that community, one that is very close to him.

The Lakota Reservation in Hermosa South Dakota is very poor and populated mainly by children and the elderly. Their houses don't have central heat and the winters are harsh. A fundraiser was held by poets in LA this past weekend to raise money for propane, blankets and clothing for the reservation. Mr. Mortensen donated autographed copies of Miyelo, a collection of Lakota/English poems and frontier photographs. Donor fatigue plagues us all this year and there were two books left over. This is a second chance for the donation to benefit the reservation. Please go and bid:

If you cannot afford the asking price and still want to help, there is a wish list that you can choose to purchase from and ship directly to the reservation. These items would include:

Child sized winter coats
Child sized underwear (especially girls)
Child sized long underwear
Child sized mittens, hats and gloves
Child sized shoes
or, monetary donations are also appreciated as well

Please send all donations to:

Lovey Two Bulls
HCR 89 Highway 40
Hermosa, SD 57744
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Another day from hell

First, a reminder to help the Lakota Nation and Viggo's support of them: Feel free to post this elsewhere--the Nation needs help even if you don't bid on the books at Ebay.

Second, a "get well" to my neighbor and f-lister. sileya GET WELL SOON!!! (And sorry about how I answered the phone--today has been horrible just like yesterday. I'm usually much more pleasant.).

Lastly, I just want to cry. I did a web design for someone I thought was a friend and to make a long story short, she's refusing to pay the agreed on price and I needed that money. Not just wanted, *needed*. And to make it worse, she offered me $10 for spending 3 full days on it. Three *days*! Ten dollars???

I just need a good cry.
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Help again...

Can anyone please help? I am going insane trying to burn a damn audio cd. Nero sucks. Windows Media player sucks has me wanting to toss the damn thing across the room. Can anyone suggest some sort of freeware that would allow me to burn songs onto a disc that is user friendly that a 12 year old could use? I've had it. How fucking hard should it be to burn 11 songs to a damn cd? Yet I've been dealing with this for two days.


I used to have Roxio Easy CD Creator and it worked. I also had a tiny little thing called CD Copy that I loved. It was so easy and it always worked. Yet I have XP now and it's not compatible.

I just want shit to work.

How hard is that?

I need a link to download something that will work with XP that either Is free or I can crack. I'm sick of this.

Thanks in advance and please pardon my rant. Music is my life and making cd's *should* be easy.
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