December 27th, 2005


Info on Viggo's Lakota Donation

Thanks very much for getting the word out on the Hermosa Lakota auction of Viggo Mortensen's books. The two items raised nearly $800 and there have been many offers of monetary donations and goods from the announcement to Mr. Mortensen's fans. The money will go to a good cause and is deeply appreciated.

We will be sending a note mentioning the fan participation to Mr. Mortensen with the final tally from the fund raiser.


HD update

It's dead.

Everything is gone.

All of it.

All of my art, all of my fiction, all of my personal work. Gone.

Not to mention all my videos of Orli and Vig, all the tv shows, all the clips of appearances, all of it--gone. All my lyrics, music, pictures... gone.

I just want to cry.

10 years of work. Gone.

I think I'm going to be sick.