January 13th, 2006


Just Because

He's given me such joy it's the least I can do.

Orlando's 29th Birthday Banner

I hope his year is filled with love, laughter and success. May all his hopes and dreams come true!

*Now* I can go to bed and stop fussing. LOL I'll post some Orli-goodness tomorrow to commemorate the occasion. I'm just to tired to do it now.

Elizabethtown photos 15

Some more behind-the-scenes pics this time around along with some of Orli just cause it's his birthday. :) And a whole lotta pics since it's been so long.

Again--I think these were all taken by Neal Preston but I'm not 100% sure. Just assuming he did since he's the official set photographer.

As before, all photos are hi-res and untouched. In other words, grainy is grainy and dark is dark.

Please provide credit and a link if posted elsewhere.

Since I had some serious problems with bandwidth usage, these don't lead to the big pics, but winzip files for each. So "right click, save as" and download to your pc. If you want to post them elsewhere, upload them to *your* server. Absolutely NO hotlinking.

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