February 1st, 2006


I want a do-over

After staying up late to make banners for one of the comms I co-run with jenlynn820 I get up early and start backing up the pc. Finally, I get things backed up, the banners uploaded, mail answered and packed, I get on the road to see the folks.

What happens?

I get crunched by a semi truck.

I'm in the fast lane, minding my own business and this 18-wheeler decides he wants to get in my lane. And we're on as bridge. *sigh*

I was lucky--he realized he hit me, stopped and pulled over. Thankfully, I only lost my passenger mirror and received a small dent on the right front fender. It coulda been a whole lot worse, but now it's just more shit I have to deal with.

So I'll take that do-over now.
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