February 7th, 2006



After a fairly late night, I still managed to wake up before the alarm and get to the dreaded Best Buy to be there when they opened.

I checked about a month ago and one of their employes mentioned they might be giving away a lithograph with the purchase. Nope. Not a poster, not a display to be seen in the store--nada. Then I get the dvd and not even an insert!! maubast and I were talking aobut this last night and this is the first time I've ever *not* gotten an insert and she says she never gets them anymore. And studios wonder why people just download and not buy. *snort* Not like there's any great incentive... And I *like* liner notes, etc. That's the thing that's kept me buying stuff. Whatever the reason, the studio sure isn't putting any money into this release and I'm beyond annoyed.

I picked up the soundtrack too and here's a scan of the insert. Click for a bigger version.

That pic on the left in b & w of Orli is to DIE for!