February 16th, 2006


Drew Baylor from "Elizabethtown" -- Icons 100 Batch 5 (76-100/100)

Subject:  "Drew Baylor" from the movie "Elizabethtown" (76-100/100) Complete

Themes - Artist Choice:  Happiness, Friends and Family, Nerves, Quiet, OOF!, Excitable, Fear, Whimsical, Country Life, Hero, Breathe, Joking, Naturally, Together, Admiring, Doors, Existing, Privacy, Anticipation, Starlight, Beginnings, Focus, Watching, Love of Our Lives, Comfort

Additional Notes:  Feel free to take and use.  Credit would be nice,
but not mandatory.

Half of these were made on an old pc with an
analog monitor, the rest on a new flat LCD Ultrabright digital monitor, so I'm
still trying to adjust--please bear with me.  I hope none are too dark.

Batch 1
Batch 2
Batch 3
Batch 4
Batch 5

77. 85. 99.

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