February 23rd, 2006


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from pyleanelf

What piece of Viggorli fandom cannon are you?

You are Orlando's elvish ring. Fandom lore has it

that Orlando's ring with 'To wherever it may

lead' inscribed in it was given to him by

Viggo as a symbol of his love and commitment.

Sure Orlando says he got it from a random

make-up artist, but c'mon, you know the


What piece of Viggorli fandom cannon are you?
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Lots of stuff...

First... SPAM ME!

Post your favorite things here! Pics of Orli, Viggo, fic, fonts, music, pet photos, jokes, links--whatever. I've had a shitty past 4 days and I need GOOD STUFF.


Happy Birthday!

Hope you day is filled with light and happiness!

And now, look what I found today when trying to help xxflissxx Btw, looking for hi-res pics of Orli filming E-town holding the umbrella--specifically:

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