April 2nd, 2006


You know that popularity is highly overrated, right?

Well, this give that a whole new meaning.

You know that "how popular are you" thing that's making the rounds? Well, being the dumbass I am, and needing more shit to kick me in the teeth today, I did it.

This is my response:

araestel does not exist! You must not be in our database. If you just recently got your first LJ friend, our crawler might not have picked you up. If you recently renamed your account, try the old name. Of course, it should go without saying that you should check for spelling errors.

How popular are you?

Obviously not very.

[EDIT] Found out the damned thing is case-sensitive. OY!!! And to clarify, it wasn't just this thing that got to me. It was other stuff too. This was just the cherry on the top of the pile of s**t!

But thanks to everyone for the support. I really do love my flist. *hugs*

Okay... *THAT* picture

As most of you have seen *that* most drool-worthy pic, I couldn't resist trying to make a wallpaper from it--something I've not done in a very long time. So here it is.

click for larger image 1024x768

And look at my beautiful icon jenlynn820 made me. She inspired me to give it a go, hence the wallpaper. Not as good as hers, but I gave it a go. ;)

We just had bad weather--tornados all around. I've been off-line and unpluged more than I've been on today. *sigh*