May 23rd, 2006


Looking for Balian

Does anyone have a zip of new pics from the new extended version of "Kingdom of Heaven" released today? I've got it, but quite frankly, I'm just too tired to think of capping right now and the thought of separately clicking on pics in a gallery has me clutching my head tighter than I am now.

Help? *smooshes*

And for your trouble...

Oh God what an evening...

I watched "The Family Stone" late this afternoon with the dogs laying with me on the couch. Cute movie--love Luke Wilson. Anyway, the movie is done and I get the dogs up and ssit the older one, Brady down on the ground. He just stands there looking like he's ready to go back to sleep so I pick him up to put him up on the ottoman so he can go back to sleep. So I pick him up and he just stands there, I turn my back for a minute, turn around, he starts to get down, falls in the floor and then starts screaming! It was almost like he had a seizure. All I can do is pet him and try to soothe him until he stops. He moves his head then and stick his tongue out and sits up. I immediately call the vet and she tells me to bring him in. So I grab the little one, Aeryn, and put her in the car and then grab Brady and get him into the car. I call roommie and tell her to meet me at the vet. I get him there in under 20 minutes, but not before he throws up all over himself in my car.

By the time I get him there, he's a tad more alert and even wags his tail when Dr. Judy comes in to see him. She drew blood work and injected him with fluids and sent him home with us. We'll have the blood results tomorrow.

We just finished washing off the puke in the sink and are now feeding them scrambled eggs cause they're easy on his stomach.

My heart just can't take this.

So jenlynn820 now you know why I wasn't around for the votes or banners. So sorry.