June 4th, 2006


Strange how one thing leads to another...

Recently ladykatiewench asked me to do some artwork for a V/O cd she put together. I jumped at it. I'm such a sucker for graphics. Anyway, after doing all that work, I figure, why not offer the pics as icons? So I've been working on them the past couple of weeks. Then today, I decided to do a wallpaper to go with the icons. So I started creating. Then I got to thinking. (yes, scary I know!) I love music and always try to incorporate it in my designs. I took a moment to go to my favorite lyrics site and there on my lj was an RSS feed. Many of you know I'm a big-time Prince fan. Well, First Avenue had a fire. This place is like the ultimate shrine for Prince people--our own Mecca, if you will. And if any of you have seen "Purple Rain" then you've seen First Avenue. At first look, I thought it was gone, but it seems only one room was gutted by the fire so it's salvageable--thankfully. Here's links if you're interested: http://www.prince.org/ and http://www.twincities.com/mld/pioneerpress/news/local/14736404.htm
Then--I go turn on the tv and what's on? "Sign 'O the Times" a Prince concert from the late 80's. Well, even after all these years, I can't resist him. So I sat down and lost myself in the music for a time. Then "Forever in My Life" came on and it hit me that the lyrics were perfect for the wp I was working on. So that's where the words came from and just 'cause I'm a believer in sharing, here's an mp3 of the song, in case you'd want or are unfamiliar with it. :)
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