October 1st, 2006


I love my flist...

And count on you guys to help me out, 'cuse frankly, you're a really smart and savvy bunch, savvy? *group hugs*

So here's the deal...

Rommie is interested in puchasing an iPod, or two. ;) And she came across this: MyiPodownloads.com. Go and look. Sounds too good to be true, eh?

So does anyone have this service? Know anyone who has it? Is it legit? Is it worth it? Drawbacks? (and on a personal note--is "Elizabethtown" one of the movie downloads? PotC?)

Give me what you know about it--good or bad. And trust me--it's *greatly* appreciated.

And just to show I LOVE you guys--here's an offering:

1024 x 768

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