January 6th, 2007


For any of you that are wondering...

I've been sick. And then there was Christmas. And sick. But I've got some meds now and am getting better.

So for those of you whom I have promised things to, jjjean65 and ladykatiewench, thank you for your patience. I'm trying my best to get things done in between feeling like 31 flavors of shit. ;) But I'll get them done--have no worries. *hugs*

And thanks to katlinn for the lovely Christmas present of Will Turner and vanilla. ;) What a tasty combination! Also, thanks to zee113 for the beautiful card! And to anyone I've forgotten, I'm terribly sorry but my drug-addled brain can only retain so much right now. But rest assured, your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated! *hugs*

And special hugs to harukameko, _sweetangel, maubast and hammil77. I think there are times when we all need a little extra love.
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