April 3rd, 2007


Doing something different

No whining, no crying, no bitching, just appreciation and love in this post.

Everyone has hard times and moments in time that their lives are for shit. I think it's part of being human--not a good part, but necessary for growth and understanding for the next potion of the journey. However, this post is for the positives, for appreciation, love and thankfulness.

I'm going to share some thankfulness and love and I want you guys to do the same. I know sometimes it's hard to say "thank you" or "I appreciate you" or "you're important to me, so here's this post. Feel free to do the same and anyone can post who wants to. Feel free to share the link if you want--up to you.

So here's the beginning of my list, I'm sure I'll edit as I think of more.

1. Hugs to wav for dealing with me and all my baggage and trying to make it better. No one could ask for a better, more loyal friend. For her unwavering devotion and financial help through these past years. You're my family. *smooshes*
2. Hugs to maubast for more of the same as above. And for listening. And all that other mushy sis-type stuff neither of us would ever say out loud.
3. Hugs to my flist. Some people say they love their flist, but I really do mean it because you guys are important to me, more than you'll probably ever know. *group hugs* I'd love to mention a few by name, but knowing my luck, I'd leave out someone very important and then feel like a jerk so I'll just leave it as love for all.
4. Love and appreciation to wav's parents. They very important to me and have made me feel like I'm truly a part of their family.
5. Love to Roy for giving me the years and the space to allow me to come to terms with my love for him and to understand it could never be more than what it is.
6. Hugs to Deb for understanding my dream and trying to help me find a way to make it happen.
7. Love to Orlando who somehow, through the anger, tears, frustration and rage of my life, has found a way to make me smile. Even though I know he'll never know how important that is to me, I had to say it.
8. And lastly (at least for now), love, gratitude and appreciation to my parents who adopted me as a child and chose to keep me even after becoming so ill as an infant. They've been there for me in good times and all the bad ones offering support in every conceivable way, and it's so very much appreciated.