October 5th, 2007


PISSED (and it has nothing to do with being drunk)

As most of you know, I try to stay out of crap, play nice and adhere to rules. I prefer peace, good feelings and the least amount of stress I can get. But right now, I'm so pissed, I'm shaking.

From its inception, last_glances has had rules with regard to re-posting, hot-linking, membership, reposting, etc., as do all communities. But lately, their generosity has been tested to the point of them taking an action that leaves all Viggo Mortensen fans, in a word, screwed. They've decided to no longer post Viggo Mortensen pics in their community.

Now I don't blame them at all. It's not their fault in any way. I of all people understand the stupidity of some "fans" and stand behind their decision and their reasons for making it.

But a word to the person who caused this...

If I find out who it was and you're on my flist--consider yourself de-friended. I've *never* de-friended anyone. Not one soul. But your actions have hurt a lot of people, many of them very good friends of mine. And I refuse to stand by and make nice with someone who could be so irreverent of rules and others feelings. That's not a person I'd call "friend".