March 16th, 2008

Aragorn Legolas_Love O/V

Would someone PLEASE . . .

...tell me WTF is going on now???

What's up with this fandom this week? Is it the issue with Pecos? Is it something else? In the space of 2 minutes, I saw two people that have been on my flist from practically day one, closing down their LJ's.

WTF is this fandom coming to?

Okay, just for a minute (bear with me, I had a server crash, been sick and need sleep) why are we here? In this Vig/Orli fandom, I mean? Does one thing bad happen and we all give up and run for the hills? We made it through Bosworth, we made it through bad reviews, the Russian LJ take over, and a whole plethora of other things. Why now is our first instinct to just run and delete? Is everyone just looking for an excuse to leave? Or are we willing to stay and fight it out. *Make* our fandom viable.

Yes, our numbers are down from 3 or 4 years ago, but that's pretty normal for *all* fandoms. Yet in every fandom, there's a "core" of people--those people who "carry the torch" and keep their fandom alive. Aren't we to that point now? Rarely do we find new converts now, those days are long over. So now it's up to those of us who believe and *care* about our fandom/beliefs to stay strong and keep the faith. Don't we still believe? Don't we still love our guys? Don't we love our pairing and the friendships we've made through this fandom? How can we let one, or a small group of people tear all that down.

GAH--I sound like a damn rally speaker! LOL

I just can't understand what's going on and why so many are ready to turn their backs on the fandom. Help me out--pro or con.

None of this is aimed at any one person or group of people, it's just a generalization. I'm concerned and love my fandom and can't figure out why suddenly it's all such a drama.
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