August 22nd, 2008

Orli_Sidi 2

Of Dad and Aeryn

Dad's on Sipro and a cocktail of high-powered antibiotics. The doctor wants to send him to a pulmonary specialist in Lexington, so I'd imagine that will happen sometime in this next week. He fell out of bed at the hospital last night and Reba found him first. Says a lot about the hospital if you ask me. *sigh* At least this doctor is young, current and actually *interested in dad and what's going on with him.

Aeryn's in the finals of Pet Idol, and surprisingly, so is Brady. We're voting for Aeryn and so is roommie's family--we thought she'd have a better chance than my boy. Sadly, she's LOSING badly to THE ALIEN. So one last time, please, PLEASE go vote and ask your friends and family to as well. We'd really appreciate it!

I swear, no more voting after this. *crosses heart* The voting ends Sunday midnight, est. You can vote under additional id's if you clean out your cookies, too. ;) And all efforts are SO appreciated!!

And here's the baby again just cause.

Aeryn Sun

*hugs* flist tight*